Friday, May 30, 2008

Belly at 29 1/2 weeks!! Woo hoo!!

Just 74 days left!!!!!!!!!

Nathan is hilarious . . .

We had our baby shower in Albuquerque last weekend, and it was such a blast! I am going to tell you about Nathan's favorite gift. Our nephew, Gabriel, who is now 5 (wow! time flies), has always had his favorite Monkey, named Fred. Fred goes everywhere with him, and it is the cutest thing. Well, Gabriel and his mommy, Mandy, went shopping for Noah before the shower and Gabriel had to get Noah a monkey of course. So, now Noah is carrying on with the Monkey tradition. The monkey is Nathan's absolute favorite gift, and I actually caught him sleeping ever so peacefully with Noah's monkey! He is so cute. He is just so excited about giving all of these precious gifts to our son. Well, the other night, we went to Babies R Us and bought our Stroller Travel system, it is the coolest! Nathan of course had it all put together within minutes of us getting home, and he was pushing it around the house with guess who strapped into the car seat?!!!!! Yes, the MONKEY. So, I had to share the photo of this. Oh, Nathan is amazingly amazing and hilarious.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Noah's Room is Underway!!!

We picked up his darling furniture yesterday, and literally before the box with the crib could be set down, Nathan was ripping into it to unpack his son's crib and set it up! He set it up very very quickly, and I just love his ultimate excitement and his anticipation for our son to be born!! It really resonated with me in the example of Christ because as He is knitting each child together in their mother's womb, he is in utter excitement at each and every baby that is to be "unwrapped", and I caught a glimpse of Christ's love for us as I watched Nathan's excitement! We were so honored and excited to begin to prepare the place where Noah will sleep, play & grow! We are making sure every detail is accounted for, and it is such a sweet time for us these few short months before Noah enters this world. This is just the very beginning of his room, so I will post photos when it is done also.

Sharah's Kitchen Shower!!

My sister is getting married in just 3 short weeks, and it has been such a fun time to prepare for her big day together!! I am sure I stress her out with my somewhat anal retentive tendencies when it comes to design and etiquette, but nonetheless, we are having such a fabulous time making memories as we prepare for the big day.

I hosted a shower for her with the theme of Everything Kitchen, and I wanted to share some photos of this marvelous event in which we all had such a great time. Design is my passion, and I want my business to encompass event planning eventually, when I settle into a retail location.

Her wedding colors are black and white with red accents. I had all the gals wear black & white, and it made the shower SO much fun because we were all in her wedding colors. Even the candy wrappers were either black & white or red.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

change in noah's bedding

I changed my mind . . . I am good at that! Here is the bedding we are registered for, and I LOVE it!!!! Simple sophistication. And, it's brand new from Pottery Barn Kids. Nathan painted Noah's room on Sunday, and he was so precious . . . he said, "I have never been so worried about the small details. I wanted it to be perfect for him." And, boy is it!! After me worrying that the color was going to be too dark, it actually ended up being exactly what I had envisioned.

Before the painting, we had to clear out our entire guest room, and thank goodness for Nathan because he is very quick, and I am much more inclined to go through everything one by one. He had that room cleared out SO fast!!! He is very very excited to prepare Noah's room, and so am I.

Friday, May 9, 2008

We are a funny pair!

Well, Nathan and I had a blast last night when I asked him to take my 26 week belly photo . . . he was in the midst of taking care of some finance business, and I insisted he get in the kitchen to take the picture, so I could get ready to go to bed. Well, he wasn't the most enthusiastic about being interrupted, but lo and behold, he came! So, I either kept blinking or wasn't standing perfectly to the side, so we ended up taking 6 photos until we got it right. Then I volunteered him to take a few photos with me, so we have some together. He wasn't happy about that either, so of course the rare attitude came out of him, and although we were laughing, that was also mixed with some frustration on both sides. I like him to cooperate, what can I say. SO, here are the funny photos for this hilarious 10 minutes in the kitchen. (Oh, and enjoy Nathan's blue shorts! LOL!)

Family fun for Sharah's Graduation!

Well, it was quite an eventful weekend last weekend as my sister, Sharah, graduated from LCU! We had the fam in town, and it was a blast. We went to dinners, ventured to an off the wall, yet really cool winery called Pheasant Ridge, (of course I don't like to drink anyway, but especially not pregnant!!! so, don't worry!) then an early Sunday morning trip to Albuquerque with my family. I had to go there for several wedding appointments we had for Sharah's wedding. It was a blast to get to have it just the girls, mom, sis & me for a few days (well, I guess Noah was with us, so not really all girls!!). It is going to be a very busy start to summer, but I am so excited about all of the upcoming bridal showers for sis, baby showers for us, the wedding for sis and PaulMichael and then preparing for our precious baby boy in the midst of it all! Enjoy the photos from the graduation weekend.