Wednesday, February 13, 2008

love birds now for 8 years, 9 months

Here is a little fun retrospective of our relationship and how this whole Hasse family came to be!


Magen Roberson said...

Wow, look like you have never gone through that 'awkward' young girl look. You have always been so beautiful! Nathan is a lucky man! And what a beautiful baby this will be!

Audrey said...

Shanda~ Hey! I found your journal through facebook the other day. I love journals. You can always go read mine at although mine isn't so happy right now w/ my dad's cancer. But life is about stages, and you are going through something beautiful bringing a new life into the world. You and Nathan were always so cute growing up together. Congrats on everything! :) Take care, God bless!

Ingram Gang said...

I love this! Brad and I have so many of the same 'old' photos that are priceless to us now. You are just so precious and I miss you a lot!