Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Pickles Please . . .

Ok, so I have a very funny story and actually should have taken a picture of it so you could better see what I am talking about! I was in my best friend, Heather’s, wedding this last weekend, and the day of her wedding, we all met at the church at 2p to get ready together. Well, I hadn't had a chance to grab lunch between the Bridesmaids’s Brunch that ended at about noon and then subsequently shopping the Baby Sale at Old Navy, only to rush home to gather my essentials for getting ready and dash for the church. So, I had planned on going to Taco Villa to get a taco and huge water, but while en route, I was on the phone with the Bride and she mentioned that she and her mom were having tea, so DING! I immediately thought of the mouth watering iced tea from Chick-fil-A and then that led my train of thought to the scrumptious chicken sandwich with EXTRA pickles. Now, granted the idea of the tea is what started this whole thing, and I haven't had caffeine since I have been pregnant, and don't worry, I didn't on this day either. Well, fast forward to me opening my beloved lunch at the church in our prep room . . . So, with my lemonade in hand and opening the wrapper to the sandwich, Heather immediately notices that my wrapper has a neon orange sticker on it that says "Extra Pickles" . . . and just thinks that is so absolutely hilarious when I hadn't even thought a second about it!!!! We were all laughing as if it were a public advertisement of my pregnancy! Well, after thinking about it, other than craving Lucky Charms lately, I guess we could gather that I HAVE BEEN CRAVING PICKLES!!!!!! Oh goodness, I hate to be cliche! I am the opposite of cliche, a free-spirited artist who wants to be her own unique individual . . . now craving the infamous pickle as we all so often hear. Cheers to pickles!

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