Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moving, Moving & More Moving . . .

Well, it's true, we just spent the last three weeks moving about 2 blocks from where we used to live. We moved into a larger home, and we are LOVING it!!! The neighborhood is nicer, and it is such a great place. Nathan's dad, Mike, came up here from Albuquerque to help us, thank the Lord, because we literally could not have done it without him. He and Nathan were so funny, working on this and fixing that. They have a great father/son relationship, and for that, I am so grateful. So, I sit here in my office staring at boxes yet to be unpacked, but that's ok, I am tackling that tomorrow. My friends have been itching to see new photos of Noah, so I finally found my camera usb cord, so I could upload the most recent photos of that precious boy.

He is beyond fun. He is now 11 weeks old, and he is full of personality. Noah is a calm spirit with a dash of spunk! He talks all the time now, and it is so much fun to carry on a full conversation with him. If I can figure out how to upload a video, I will put it on here. (Does anybody know how to do that?)

He is already 15 lbs, and he is very long. He is full of nothing but smiles, and he started laughing for the first time on Friday! Nathan had him going! It made me melt. He has the most adorable little voice, one that I know will be used for great things in God's Kingdom. I can already imagine him telling me I Love You . . . sometimes it even sounds like that is what he is saying already!!!

For Halloween, my Auntie Sheryl sent Noah money to get his first costume! I was so excited to dress him up to go to our church's Fall Fest, and yes, he was a hit. He was a giraffe because that is his favorite animal. He gets most excited about the Giraffe in his book out of all the animals.

One last thing, we just had a marvelous weekend with Nathan's mom and Doug, and it was sad to see them go, but I know it was very special to Noah to see them. He just loves them. My mom and Gramps are coming up next weekend, and we are very anxious about that also! Much love to all.


Audrey said...

He makes an adorable giraffe!! :) Keep posting photos. They're great! Later~

JennHolmes said...

Shanda, I love the new pics. Noah is growing up so fast. He's changed so much. He such a handsome little man.

Ali Shaw said...

Noah is sooo big and adorable!! It is amazing how baby change so much over such a little course of time.

I miss you!