Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Blogging again!

I am back! To say the least, getting ready for Christmas and wrapping up work before the New Year was crazy! It seemed as though all of my jobs landed all at once with deadlines all before Christmas. So, many nights of staying up until 3 am consistently paid off because I somehow got it all done.

We had a marvelous Christmas in Albuquerque, and Noah had such a great time celebrating Jesus' birthday for the first time. He was the star of the town. We visited so many wonderful family members and friends, and we even had a mini high school reunion with about 15 of our closest high school friends. It was fabulous! My friend Gabby was there, who I hadn't seen or talked to since graduation 6 years ago, and she didn't know that Nathan and I were married or had a baby! It was quite the surprise.

We spent Christmas morning at my mom and Alex's. My Auntie Sheryl and Uncle Robert were there all the way from Cali! Noah met them for the first time, and it was very special. Christmas evening was with Nathan's mom and Doug, and we had a wonderful time with them. Christmas Eve was special because we went to Nathan's Dad and Grandpa's for Red Chile Enchiladas and Tamales. Yum yum. We also got to see Aunt Deana, Uncle Rick and Nannie (Nathan's fam). Well, that was that.

The New Year was rung in with yet again, Red Chile Enchiladas and Tamales accompanied by Lime Sherbet and Sprite to toast with - that is a tradition. Noah was of course, sleeping. I don't blame him!

Noah is nearly sitting up on his own, and he discovered his feet the other day. He now grabs them at any chance he gets. He loves to sing with us (he really does sing in his own way!), and he is mesmerized by Zoe, our Boxer. Zoe loves him too.

Well, that is enough for now, I will be posting regularly now. Love to all. Many blessings in His glorious name!


:: shanda hasse :: said...

We are back! :)

Ingram Gang said...

He seems like such a cheerful little fella. I see so much of both of you in him, but i do think he looks a lot like his daddy.
Your Christmas card was gorgeous!

Audrey said...

Cute family pictures. Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas and New Years. :) I hope you have many more blessings in the New Year! Also, I want to see some of your graphic design stuff! You should put some of it up here every so often! I am illustrating a Children's book, so will put some updates on my journal later. Anyways, it'd be fun to see your work! Later chica!

slcrum7788 said...

Hello Wonderful Hasses,
You all look great! My Baby Noah is so handsome with his New Year hat!!! He just gets cuter and cuter!! I love you all very much,
Auntie :)