Friday, April 10, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!

I have been wanting to do this for quite a while, so here it is. My faves roll, in no particular order:

Aveeno Baby Lotion (I even use it, it is amazing.)
It is rated with an overall health safety score of 2 0ut of 10 (the lower, the safer)
Thorough resource to look up any hygiene/personal care product and see how safe (or unsafe) it is for you. It rocks! This is where I make most of my product decisions from.

Mrs. Meyer's Baby Room Freshening Spray
I use this daily in Noah’s room, on his car seat and even other places around the house. It is a safe version of Febreeze, and oh so fresh!

Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Cleaning Products
You can purchase the All-Purpose Cleaner, and dilute to make it into countertop spray, toliet cleaner, you name it! It will last a long time, and it makes me feel like a queen because it is such a rich and exquisite fragrance.

Head Organics Shampoo & Conditioner
Your hair will be sleek & shiny with no bad chemicals!

Apple iMac
This is my life!! Never will I ever use a pc.

They are a symbol of the freedom we have in Christ and how abundantly he provides for all creation

Blue Bell Cookies n Cream Ice Cream

Starbucks Non-Fat Decaf Peppermint Mocha WITH Whip

Magazines Magazines Magazines!
Martha Living • Domino • Southern Accents • Real Simple • Elle Decor • Parenting + More

Tom’s of Maine Apricot Deodorant - Aluminum Free
Aluminum is found is nearly all deodorants, and it has a huge link to breast cancer . . . this is a great and deliciously scented safe alternative.
The most amazing resource for online coupon codes!

Capri Blue Candles
Amazingly fragrant and decadent. (Volcano is my favorite, although they are all fabulous!)

That was fun! I will do more of these in future posts! Enjoy!


Audrey said...

I use Tom's Organic Toothpaste! :) I will have to try the Deodorant also. I love Organic/Healthy things. I figure the more chemicals and bad stuff you can stay away from, the better- especially with Cancer becoming so rampant. :) Anyways, thanks for the comment on my livejournal! You rock chica!! :) Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!!!

Jennifer-Colley said...

I love aveeno baby as well! I use it for myself!!!

Aunt Deana said...

Shanda, now we all know you don't clean the toilets!