Friday, May 9, 2008

Family fun for Sharah's Graduation!

Well, it was quite an eventful weekend last weekend as my sister, Sharah, graduated from LCU! We had the fam in town, and it was a blast. We went to dinners, ventured to an off the wall, yet really cool winery called Pheasant Ridge, (of course I don't like to drink anyway, but especially not pregnant!!! so, don't worry!) then an early Sunday morning trip to Albuquerque with my family. I had to go there for several wedding appointments we had for Sharah's wedding. It was a blast to get to have it just the girls, mom, sis & me for a few days (well, I guess Noah was with us, so not really all girls!!). It is going to be a very busy start to summer, but I am so excited about all of the upcoming bridal showers for sis, baby showers for us, the wedding for sis and PaulMichael and then preparing for our precious baby boy in the midst of it all! Enjoy the photos from the graduation weekend.

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