Friday, May 9, 2008

We are a funny pair!

Well, Nathan and I had a blast last night when I asked him to take my 26 week belly photo . . . he was in the midst of taking care of some finance business, and I insisted he get in the kitchen to take the picture, so I could get ready to go to bed. Well, he wasn't the most enthusiastic about being interrupted, but lo and behold, he came! So, I either kept blinking or wasn't standing perfectly to the side, so we ended up taking 6 photos until we got it right. Then I volunteered him to take a few photos with me, so we have some together. He wasn't happy about that either, so of course the rare attitude came out of him, and although we were laughing, that was also mixed with some frustration on both sides. I like him to cooperate, what can I say. SO, here are the funny photos for this hilarious 10 minutes in the kitchen. (Oh, and enjoy Nathan's blue shorts! LOL!)

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