Friday, May 30, 2008

Nathan is hilarious . . .

We had our baby shower in Albuquerque last weekend, and it was such a blast! I am going to tell you about Nathan's favorite gift. Our nephew, Gabriel, who is now 5 (wow! time flies), has always had his favorite Monkey, named Fred. Fred goes everywhere with him, and it is the cutest thing. Well, Gabriel and his mommy, Mandy, went shopping for Noah before the shower and Gabriel had to get Noah a monkey of course. So, now Noah is carrying on with the Monkey tradition. The monkey is Nathan's absolute favorite gift, and I actually caught him sleeping ever so peacefully with Noah's monkey! He is so cute. He is just so excited about giving all of these precious gifts to our son. Well, the other night, we went to Babies R Us and bought our Stroller Travel system, it is the coolest! Nathan of course had it all put together within minutes of us getting home, and he was pushing it around the house with guess who strapped into the car seat?!!!!! Yes, the MONKEY. So, I had to share the photo of this. Oh, Nathan is amazingly amazing and hilarious.

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