Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Noah's Room is Underway!!!

We picked up his darling furniture yesterday, and literally before the box with the crib could be set down, Nathan was ripping into it to unpack his son's crib and set it up! He set it up very very quickly, and I just love his ultimate excitement and his anticipation for our son to be born!! It really resonated with me in the example of Christ because as He is knitting each child together in their mother's womb, he is in utter excitement at each and every baby that is to be "unwrapped", and I caught a glimpse of Christ's love for us as I watched Nathan's excitement! We were so honored and excited to begin to prepare the place where Noah will sleep, play & grow! We are making sure every detail is accounted for, and it is such a sweet time for us these few short months before Noah enters this world. This is just the very beginning of his room, so I will post photos when it is done also.


Jenn said...

Love Love Love. Miss You Friend We to get together soon so I can see how much your belly has grown. I'm a blogger now so check out my site.

Jana said...

I wanted my sister to do the African thing...so jealous!!