Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sharah's Kitchen Shower!!

My sister is getting married in just 3 short weeks, and it has been such a fun time to prepare for her big day together!! I am sure I stress her out with my somewhat anal retentive tendencies when it comes to design and etiquette, but nonetheless, we are having such a fabulous time making memories as we prepare for the big day.

I hosted a shower for her with the theme of Everything Kitchen, and I wanted to share some photos of this marvelous event in which we all had such a great time. Design is my passion, and I want my business to encompass event planning eventually, when I settle into a retail location.

Her wedding colors are black and white with red accents. I had all the gals wear black & white, and it made the shower SO much fun because we were all in her wedding colors. Even the candy wrappers were either black & white or red.

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