Thursday, June 26, 2008

our professional maternity photo shoot!!

what a blast we had taking these photos! Shan Renee is our photographer, and I would highly recommend her for any type of photography!!! (

Amidst the mosquitos, we were able to laugh it out and just really enjoy spending time together outdoors for the shoot. I just adore my Nathan and my Noah.

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Magen said...

Wow, great pics. I love how vulnerable they are...they look so real. Fun idea!

Also, this is really random, but your last sentence where you said you love your Nathan and Noah, it made me think of the former band, Watermark, who happen to be my all-time favorite. Anyway, the Dad is Nathan and they have a son named Noah. Funny. :) If your name was Christie, you'd be them!

Hope you're still feeling good!! I have a suspicion Noah and Anna Grace willl be born really close together. My doctor won't let me go as long this time...we have talked about the Aug 20th week. Sooo soon!