Monday, July 21, 2008

it's been a while!!!

Hello!! I have been so unbelievably busy preparing for Noah's very close arrival!!! In the midst of it all, God opened a door for me to open a booth for my design business at a local craft mall, so WHEW!! It has been crazy to say the least! I will be selling my custom stationery card sets, bookmarks, recipe cards and much much more!!! I am so excited! I went from reading my pregnancy and baby books to only reading business books and researching the world of product design and retail strategies!!! But, I am now back on track preparing for our precious baby boy!

His room is nearly done, so I will post photos of it completed. I LOVE spending time in there because it is so serene and relaxing.
He has dropped into the birthing canal, so he could make his appearance any day. I am telling him he must wait for at least two more weeks, so I can get everything done that I need to for work, the booth and him!!! We spring cleaned the house this weekend, so that is done . . . whew! I feel very good about that. I was unpacking his diapers into a basket for his changing table, and it became so real to me that I am about to be a mommy!!! It was a revelation!!

Nathan is amazing . . . he already put the car seat base in my car, and he has been nesting also!!! We have been quite the crazy duo in getting everything just right for Noah. We are honored that God chose us to be his mommy and daddy, and we can't wait to hold him and love on him and teach him all about our precious Savior Jesus! Here is a photo of me at 36 weeks! And, Zoe has claimed Noah's rug as hers!!! It is so cute . . . she spends lots of time in his room, even without us. I think she thinks it is her room! We go in there and find not one of her bones, and not just one of her toys, but ALL of them spread out on the rug!!!! She is going to be a great sister to Noah. Love and blessings!


Magen said...

Shanda, you are glowing! Can you believe the days are down in the 20's now? It will be here in a flash. I LOVE Noah's room. I love that color you picked perfect for the bedding and other decor. He has a sweet home to come to! Enjoy the last few days of kicks and hiccups (from the indside)!

Deaun said...

You look so great, you have been blessed with a great pregnancy!
I'm getting so excited to meet my newest great nephew! I got him the cutest items at Universal in Orlado last week, I can't wait to give them to him. I Love you all so much, hope to see you soon, until then your in my prayers.
God Bless, Auntie Deaun

Ali Shaw said...

YAY... it is coming so fast. I am so excited for you and Nathan. The room looks amazing and Zoe is too cute!

I am so happy for you both and cannot wait to come and visit baby Noah!

I love you and only a couple more weeks!!


Ryan and Deminy... said...

Yea! I can't believe it's almost here. We're praying for you guys. Congrats again!

Elizabeth & Chad said...

shanda, I am so excited first of all for baby noah, but also for your design projects! you should totally put them online to sell or advertise your craft booth! i'll buy some!

also, look at the website, youll love it!