Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the things i love about Noah . . .

• the way he gets so excited to see me when i get him out of his crib in the morning or from a nap! he gets the biggest smile on his precious face.

• how he plays with my index finger and fingernail to fall asleep as i rock him.

• how he gets so excited any time zoe comes around him, or even in the same room . . . they are connected somehow! it is amazing.

• his talking. he talks all the time, i LOVE it.

• how he smells and how he feels.

• picking him up from his crib and just holding him so close to me and loving on him.

• how his ear will leave a perfect indention on my arm after i feed him!

• his spitting sounds, he is hilarious.

• his expression when we sing "This Is The Day The Lord Has Made" every single morning.

• that he falls peacefully asleep as I pray out loud over him, if I don't he fights sleep badly!!

• that he has been sleeping through the night since he was 3 weeks old!! 8 hours or more!

• how he kicks his adorable chunky legs in the bath and splashes me and the entire kitchen!!

• when he spits up, how he just smiles so big like nothing happened!

• that he can't stand to not be in on the action, and the second you bring him where the party is, he is perfectly happy.

• that he LOVES other babies and children, and he now reaches to touch their hands.

• reading to him is a joy because he actually listens and looks at the pages with me!

• his SMILE will truly make anyone melt.

• his LAUGH will make you laugh so hard you cry! he has done it to several people!!!

• he doesn't really cry, just whines, and i love that!

• that he loves having the ABC's sung to him, and really it's the song that can calm him if he is hungry or fussy!

• that he is so easy going. he just hangs out and goes with the flow.

• that he lets me sleep in the morning after i bring him to bed with me! he will lay there and talk and look at the ceiling perfectly content.

Oh, goodness, there are a million more things, but I am so beyond blessed and honored that God created Noah for Nathan and me to be his mommy and daddy. He is a joy every second of every day. I can't wait to get him out of his crib in a few short hours!


Noah's Aunt said...

I love all those things also!! But I love when I come over and he gets so excited to see me, he really knows who I am!

Anonymous said...

Your posts always bring "good" tears to my eyes, Noah is so blessed that God choose you to be his mommy. Love you, Auntie Deaun