Thursday, January 22, 2009

anyone seen my comforter?

yes, it's true. i washed my big comforter at the laundry mat, put it in the dryer, go home to eat dinner, return to the laundry mat, and my comforter is gone. a guy in there said a young gal left with it in a little red car. well, lesson learned here: DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING UNATTENDED AT A LAUNDRY MAT. i guess we will just have to be cold tonight. [the comforter is in the background of this photo] hopefully they still have this comforter at stein mart. it was on clearance back in october!!!


JennHolmes said...

Shanda, I'm so sorry for your loss. But you can rest assure that although I love your fabulous comforter it wasn't me in my little red car that kidnapped it. What is the world coming to? Good luck finding a new one.

:: shanda hasse :: said...

That is hilarious Jenn!!