Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zoe is a hero . . . saved a house and lives.

I must tell you this awe-inspiring story of my precious Boxer, Zoe. On Sunday, I was doing laundry and other such things around the house while Noah was napping and Nathan was on call at work. Zoe was whining to go outside, and I was in the middle of changing out the laundry, so I told her to hang tight, I was almost done. Well, about a minute goes by, and she is not letting up and being much more persistent than usual. So, I said, "Ok, Zo, you can go out." Well, our back door has a half window on it, and I was looking down a Zoe to let her out, and as I opened the door, she backed away from it, hesitating to go outside. I said, "Zoe, you were begging me to go out, GO OUT SILLY GIRL." Now, keep in mind that there is no way for Zoe to see out back when she is inside because the door window is too high. So, I shut the door and looked up (outside) and the neighbor's yard that backs up to my backyard is literally billowing with smoke and flames. I mean BILLOWING. I grabbed my phone and called 911 to get the firemen out there. My call was the first call into them. So, I had everything ready to jet out of my front door with Noah and Zoe just in case the fire headed our way. I watched, and the firemen showed up 5 minutes later and ran into their backyard fighting the fire. They put it out and then were surveying the scene for a few hours. Shortly thereafter, the Fire Marshal showed up on our front step. I told him that Zoe truly told me about the fire, and you know what he said . . . "If we had gotten there 30 seconds later, there was a huge pile of leaves that was about to ignite next to their garage, and that would have caught their house on fire and done a lot of damage. One of the kids was sleeping in the room right by the garage also." SO, Zoe was so persistent because she literally smelled trouble. She is the most amazing dog in this universe.


Heather Hale said...

way to go Zoe!!!

JennHolmes said...

That's awesome. Super Zoe to the rescue!!!